Whilst sailing onto, and away from a mooring might not be something you do every day, it’s a useful skill to have, and one you’ll be especially pleased about if you find yourself without an engine. Also, isn’t it just one of those cool things to be able to do?! 😎 As with any manoeuvre, with practice (somewhere nice and open to begin with) and good planning you’ll master it in no time.

Sailing onto a mooringT

The basicsCaptain John, with his super-simple illustrations explains the basics in a minute-and-a-half.The detail: This article by the RYA gives a comprehensive step-by-step guide, and explains how to use both the main and headsail to execute the manoeuvre.

Sailing off a mooring
You probably won’t find yourself in a situation where you haveto sail off a mooring, but if the conditions allow, why not?This article by Practical Boat Owner shows how to go about it.


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