For many, the sailing season is starting to get underway (yippee!). If your boat handling skills have gotten a little rusty over the winter then this section is for you. Here are some videos on how to come alongside, and make a clean getaway to help jog your memory.

Windage, and how it affects your boat in a marina: A video showing the effects of wind, and some handy tips on how to maneuver effectively.

How to maneuver backwards into a slip: A few practical demonstrations (accompanied by some rather overly dramatic music). Some attempts work well, some not so well.

Using a midships spring to come alongside: Learning this simple and super effective technique will change how you dock forever. Read about how it works, or watch a demonstration (using models)narrated by someone who sounds quite a lot like Michael Jackson.

Coming alongside

Want to be impressed? Here’s how it’s really done. 😮

Springing off an alongside berth

Confused as to which spring line is which? This diagram simplifies it.
Using a bow spring: An animated overview and a practical demonstration.
Using a stern spring: An animated overview and a practical demonstration.
Now something for you if you’re not in the driving seat. This great 12 minute video called The Ultimate Guide to Dock Line Handling gives some advice on how to handle the mooring lines and become the skippers best friend when pulling into the dock.


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