“What anchor do I need?” Unfortunately, there’s no one single answer to that question, as there’s no one anchor which performs well in all conditions.

The type of anchor you should carry largely depends on what type of bottom you’ll be anchoring in. Other considerations include stowability, size, its set and re-setting behaviour and price. Most experts also agree that for security you should carry two anchors – of different styles – a Danforth style and one of the plow/scoop variety.

These articles look at the different types of anchors and their strengths and weaknesses and at how to select the right anchor.

With the help of his GoPro, Steve Goodwin has tested nearly every anchor known to man, you can find the videos on his YouTube channel. It’s worth listening to his disclaimer, he’s really stress testing these under conditions most of us will not experience day-to-day.

Finally, you’re likely to come across anchors with similar designs but different names. I’m told this has to do with expired patents and trademarks, meaning companies can replicate the design under a different brand name.


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